What does it mean to be a Pumpkin Blaster?


Pumpkin Blast is an annual Pumpkin Launching Competition held each fall.  ​In the weeks leading up to the Blast, teams design and build devices to launch pumpkins at our targets.  ​On the day of competition, teams will try to outblast one another as they compete for accuracy and distance. 

Pumpkin Domination

Pumpkin Blast offers two divisions to show off your pumpkin launching prowess

The Main Competition

 In our main competition, we invite teams of 4 to design & build a device that can accurately launch a pumpkin to hit a target placed 85 – 135 yards from the firing line.  This portion of the Blast is open to Youth (Ages 14-18)*, Collegiate and Adult teams.  

Corporate, Organization & Club Teams Welcome. 

The Short Range Division

Our short range competition is ​a great opportunity for teams of 2 who want to try Pumpkin Blast on a smaller scale.  This division features a closer target and is open to competitors ages 12 and up*. 

 *For safety, youth teams must have an adult advisor. 

Short range teams must include either one adult member or an adult advisor.


Teams are subject to the following rules.  

Please read carefully before designing your device!

Ready to Blast Pumpkins?

If you think you've got what it takes, gather your Pumpkin Blast team, choose an epic team name, and start planning for our next competition!  Remember, you must register your team before the registration deadline to compete.